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My name is Gareth and I started Portable AC Nerd out of my sheer passion for portable machines of all kinds. Though I've written about a few other appliances and topics in general, my extensive buying guide about portable air conditioners has been viewed thousands of times and was featured in multiple international websites and blogs.

Since starting the blog, and focusing mainly portable air conditioners at the beginning, the site has grown quite a bit, all thanks to the loyal readers. Now, a lot of people read articles on portable generatorsportable grills, and many more and ask me many questions regarding them. Though it's not humanly possible for me to reply to each and every one of my readers' queries, I try me level best nonetheless. Even you can get in touch through this contact form.

I started this website after my friends (who’ve been benefited with my suggestions) suggested that I should share my knowledge and experience with a broader community. I like helping people in general, so that seemed like a good idea, since there aren’t really many other authentic places online where you’ll find genuine reviews about portable ACs and other portable appliances by someone who actually knows what they are talking about. My major roadblock en route to creating this website was creating a website itself, since I didn’t have much previous experience in doing that. My friend Natasha, who’s a web developer for a Delray Beach based firm, helped me a lot in creating this website, so shout out to her! More than a year later, I've become much more familiar with running a website than I ever dreamt of. I guess, the saying never give up isn't useless, after all.

I hope you'll enjoy your stay on Portable AC Nerd.