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I am Gareth and I’m known as the Portable AC Nerd. I’m not bragging, but I’m extremely knowledgeable about home appliances of all kinds, especially air conditioners. I’ve been using and testing various different kinds of air conditioners since the last 12 years and guiding my local friends and relatives in their way to find suitable air conditioners for them. Since the last couple of years, I’ve been especially trying a lot of portable air conditioners since these are all the rage now a days. I’ve recently published a huge buying guide on finding the best portable air conditioner for anyone, no matter if you’re an appliances veteran or a sheer noob.

I started this website after my friends (who’ve been benefited with my suggestions) suggested that I should share my knowledge and experience with a broader community. I like helping people in general, so that seemed like a good idea, since there aren’t really many other authentic places online where you’ll find genuine reviews about air conditioners by someone who actually knows what they are talking about. My major roadblock en route to creating this website was creating a website itself, since I didn’t have much previous experience in doing that. My friend Natasha, who’s a web developer for a Delray Beach based firm, helped me a lot in creating this website, so shout out to her!

I’m currently publishing individual portable air conditioner reviews. I’ve also put up some guides and how-to’s related to portable air conditioning. I’m so much interested in portable ACs particularly because of their exclusive features like portability (sorry for being Mr. Obvious here), compactness and relatively less power usage. Ever since portable ACs hit the mainstream market, they’ve managed to fascinate me and I have been engulfed in the world of them ever since.

Choosing a portable air conditioner, expectedly, isn’t an everyman’s job. Especially when they haven’t been in the market since very long. A lot of factors come into play while choosing the best portable air conditioner for your specific purposes. You need to consider your room size (calculate the approx volume of the entire room), the air sealing capabilities of your room, the ambient weather of the area where your house is located at, and the cooling capacity (measured in BTUs) of the portable air conditioner itself. Not only that, your own budget plays a crucial role in which AC unit you end up picking. So, with all that in mind, you can’t gamble on the purchase of such a crucial summer appliance without doing proper research. That’s where Portable AC Nerd comes in, and hopes to help you find your dream portable air conditioner.

So far, I’ve put up MASSIVE guides for anyone from an absolute beginner to a decently knowledgeable guy about portable ACs. Apart from Portable ACs, I’ve also covered a few more tools here on Portable AC Nerd:

That’s not all, though. Even more extensive guides and reviews are coming. So, stay tuned to Portable AC Nerd for updates (I’m quite frequent at that!).