Best Garbage Disposal – Reviews & Beginner-Friendly Guide

​The best garbage disposal for any price in my opinion is the Kitchen Aid Garbage Disposal KCDB25OG. The best option for budget-conscious buyers is the Insinkerator Badger 1, and the Frank WD75RC is also a solid choice for a bit more money.

Getting rid of the kitchen waste can be a pretty nasty business, the banana peels, left over chunks of food pizza crusts often clog the drains. This is where garbage disposals come into the picture, also known as the waste disposal unit or garburator- it is a device that shreds kitchen waste into small pieces (2 mm or less) that can easily pass through the pipes and plumbing. With garbage disposers you can control what goes down your sink. Thanks to these garbage disposal units you don’t have to spend a fortune on hiring plumbers to clean the drain. Read on to know more about garbage disposers and how they make our lives so much easier.

Best Garbage Disposal - Our Picks

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The Best Garbage Disposal Systems – Our Top Picks

An amazing way to get rid of the kitchen waste without any of the mess or professional assistance, garbage disposals is every home maker’s dream come true! All the waste is flushed down the drain almost instantly. Now there are many brands out there that have launched their own garbage disposal units, each having their own pros and cons. However, a competent garbage disposal system must not only be efficient but also complement your kitchen. Mentioned below is a checklist of sorts that would form the basic criterion, upon which I judge and rate a garbage disposer,

  • Size and power
  • Feed and grind action
  • Features and functions
  • The cost

We have compiled a list of top garbage disposals out in the market complete with all their features and technical specifications, check it out.

Insinkerator Badger 1 Household Food Waste Disposer

Editor Rating:

Insinkerator Badger 1 is perfect for users who want simple and gentle garbage disposal, the 1/3 HP motor though smaller and of a lesser horsepower does provide effective grinding of organic kitchen waste. 

Also the 26 ounce grind chamber and galvanised steel grind operation is ideally suited for small scale grinding of food particles that just need a bit of extra shredding. Add to the energy efficiency and high quality of the unit, you get a power cord that adds on to the portability.

Emerson Garbage Disposal, Evergrind E101CORD

Editor Rating:

The ½ HP motor of Evergrind E101CORD offers top notch grinding operation that attacks the huge chunks of food vigorously. It even comes with Dura drive induction and 26 oz grind chamber is surprisingly quiet when compared to other models. 

Even the solid construction and galvanised steel coating is pretty durable, strong and ensures high energy efficiency.

Waste King Garbage Disposal L-2600 Legend Garbage Disposer

Editor Rating:

An affordable, efficient and versatile continuous garbage disposal unit, Waste King comes with a ½ HP motor that offers a whooping torque of 2600 RPM. You also get a 36 inch power cord that allows more movability, a detachable splash guard and a corrosive resistant covering to protect the disposal from any external damage.

Also the L-2600 Legend Series model are not just confined to the kitchen sinks, they can also be installed around septic tanks!

EZ DISPOSAL EZ-Flo 86702 Kitchen Accessories Garbage Disposer

Editor Rating:

The compact framework and ½ HP motor of EZ Disposal model is inexpensive and easy to store. Also the relatively silent functionality and small grind chamber is pretty efficient and power saving. 

Plus the anti-corrosive coating and rubber cover prevents the threat of external damage. It even comes with a power cord and is ideal for small scale garbage disposal.

GE Garbage Disposal GFC325V.33 Unit

Editor Rating:

Among the most trusted brands in the market, GE Garbage Disposal units are a well-known household name. The GFC325V.33 model comes with a 1/3 HP motor that can reach a maximum of 2500 RPM speed. 

Also the stainless steel dual blades can easily grind large food pieces, even the overall framework is corrosive resistant and hence very durable to the test of time.

Waste Maid Garbage Disposal 158 Standard

Editor Rating:

With its heavy duty ½ HP motor that offers a decent speed of 2600 RPM (Torquemaster feature) Waste Maid 158 Standard is among the most hard-core garbage disposal units out there. 

Although it is not very gentle and silent, the stainless steel framework and stylish design sure offers stability and aesthetic appeal. Add to that Bio Shield anti-microbial feature reduces bacterial accumulation and prevents odour and you’ve got a keeper!

Premier Disposal 143053 Food Waste Disposer

Editor Rating:

This garbage disposal unit is the perfect blend of efficiency and style, the heavy duty motor though loud is not a nuisance, it can grind large food chunks pretty smoothly. And the 1/3 HP motor comes with a silencing baffle that reduces the sound produced. 

You even get additional accessories such as a disposer elbow, stopper and a hardware kit to prevent any splashing of food.

Wetbrass WM33S Garbage Disposal Unit

Editor Rating:

Known to be among the toughest garbage disposals in the market, the 1/3 HP motor and stainless steel construction is pretty impressive and efficient. And this LiquiDator motor (to “liquefy” the waste) offers an amazing speed of 1925 RPM. 

Other than that you also get a permanent magnet, SoundMaster silencing system that saves a lot on power.

Frank WD75RC WD Food Waste Disposer

Editor Rating:

Frank is known to launch eco-friendly kitchen equipment that not only cuts on your electricity bill but also ensures a greener, cleaner environment. 

The WD75RC WD model lives up to the eco-friendly reputation, it considerably minimizes the carbon footprint and offers fast action grinding of kitchen waste the ¾ HP motor with a permanent DC magnet is a stronger alternative to the conventional induction motor used otherwise. And the compact framework and compatible design works well with both kitchen sinks and septic tanks.

Kitchen Aid Garbage Disposal KCDB25OG

Editor Rating:

The Kitchen Aid KCDB25OG is perfect for first time users who keep safety as their primary concern. There is also an electric switch connectivity to the body that ensures convenience and safety - your hands are nowhere near the blades. 

And the ½ HP motor that gives a decent speed of 1725 RPM offers normal power and functionality required for home based shredding of waste.

GE Garbage Disposal GFC525V.5

Editor Rating:

Another model from GE, the GFC525V.5 offers an impressive speed and greater grinding actions than its peers. The ½ HP motor with permanent magnet is stronger and more durable offering a 2800 RPM speed. 

And the galvanised covering and stainless steel blades with anti-splash guard are detachable and easy to clean. Also the DrainBoost technology effectively cleans the entire sink.

All about Garbage Disposal Systems

Isn’t it frustrating when the drains clogs and you have no idea what caused it? Yes, we’ve all been there. No one likes to call the plumber just because the drain clogged! Also not to mention the environmental hazards and sanitation problems that is caused by an inefficient waste management system. All hail garbage disposers for dealing with the food scraps, shredding them into smaller particles that can pass through the plumbing easily.

First introduced in the market in 1940, Garbage disposal units have been become important kitchen equipment in more than 50% of the families in the United States. Even the municipalities have encouraged the installation of these Garbage Disposers for maintaining the basic levels of sanitation and efficient waste management.

How Do They Work?

A garbage disposal has a grinding chamber where the waste drops and a high powered electric induction motor with a permanent magnet ensures fine processing of waste. The big chunks of food break down to smaller before they are flushed down the drain. Also a rubber cork or barrier is attached on the top to prevent the food from flying back up.

There are basically two types of garbage disposals, namely, continuous feed and batch feed disposals. In the continuous feed type the waste is dropped in only after the machine has started, the waste is processed almost immediately, while in the case of batch feed, the waste is accumulated in the disposer and then processed in batches. Batch feed models, though uncommon, are comparatively safer and quieter than its counterpart.

Some garbage disposal units also run on water and not electricity, here the blade and grind ring is replaced by a water powered action of the oscillating piston with detachable blades to shred the food chunks into smaller pieces. However, they are time taking and usually best suited for organic fibrous waste and cannot really process starch.

Perks of Installing a Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposals are perhaps the quickest and most convenient solutions to get rid of kitchen waste, installed under the sink, the garbage disposer shreds the food chunks into minute pieces that can easily pass through the plumbing and not clog the drains. A much better alternative than dumping the waste on uneven lands (landfills) or composting (using the waste as fertilizers), garbage disposal systems have other advantages as well that are given below,

Garbage Disposals Help the Environment

A garbage disposer serves the dual purpose of keeping your house clean and fighting global warming. Do your bit for the environment by installing a garbage disposal system in your kitchen. Using a garbage disposer automatically reduces your dependence on plastic or paper trash bags. The water waste from the kitchen is carried out to the treatment plants where it is recycled into energy sources. Also, it minimises the emission of greenhouse gases. With less amount of waste left for landfills, the production of methane, a dangerous greenhouse gas that contributes to environment degradation, is significantly reduced.

It Helps You Keep the House Clean

Imagine a scenario where you don’t have a garbage disposal installed in the kitchen, what happens to the waste? You’d have to throw the leftovers in a trash can or garbage bag that would soon start decomposing giving out a foul odour and attracting all kinds of bacteria and virus. Not a very pleasant picture right? Thanks to garbage disposals, you can prevents all the unwanted visitors and unpleasant smell. Also you don’t have to do any extra chores, just dump the waste down your sink and the rest is taken care of! Garbage disposal systems are a smarter alternative to keep the house clean and hygienic.

Simpler, Easier and More Convenient

In a normal household there are a minimum of three meals per day and after eating you have to wash the dishes and dispose of the leftover food properly. Installing a garbage disposal under your sink simplifies this job tenfold. All you have to do is turn on the tap for the water to flow down the sink and turn on the garbage disposal unit. The food chunks once down in the disposal will be shredded into even finer parts that can pass through the pipes without blocking it. You don’t have to dirty your hands to shove the particles down the drain.

Reduces Leaks and Damage of Drainage Pipes

With a garbage disposal unit in place, you also protect the drain pipes this is because the disposer shreds the food to smaller pieces that reduces the pressure and flow. There is a lesser possibility of leakage or damage of the pipe. Also the unit cleans the entire sink waste, most of the organic kitchen waste crumbles and can be disposed of easily. An effective, reliable and convenient waste management system- garbage disposal is an indispensable part of any kitchen.

The Money Factor

Garbage disposers are also quite a profitable investment and though you need to spend some money in the initial installations, it saves you the trouble in the long run. A good quality branded garbage disposal saves a lot on water and electricity, thus saving a lot on the overall electric and water bills. Other than that, garbage disposals also prevent clogging of the drains. The food scraps that flush down the drain unattended can block the plumbing, garbage disposal prevents this. It grinds the food into tiny particles that would pass smoothly through the pipes. You don’t have to spend your hard earned money and hire professionals to clear the mess.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a dependable garbage disposal unit is no easy feat, however our comprehensive list above consists of all the top brands that offer the best of services. You don’t have to fret about the food blocking the pipes anymore the garbage disposal efficiently flushes out all the kitchen wastes and your worries!

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