Best Paper Shredder 2017 Reviews & Advice

​The best paper shredder for any price in my opinion is the AmazonBasics 12 Sheet. The best option for budget-conscious buyers is the Bonsaii Sheet Micro Cut Shredder, and the Fllowes Powershred 70Ci is also a solid choice for a bit more money.

It is widely believed that people like to see things getting shredded and revel at the sight of random things being destroyed to pieces. Yes! It sounds weird enough to believe but this is so true that there is an entire YouTube community based on this concept. But this is not to say that humans like mindless destruction. Shredding is in every way an extremely beneficial, secure and environmentally sound way to put an end to documents that one no longer needs anymore. This helps a person not only get rid of the unwanted paper thrash in the office and the house but also to keep confidential important information out of the hands of people that one would not want them to land in.

So, if you too are big on going green and are keen on never letting your confidentiality being breached then paper shredders are the thing for you.

Best Paper Shredder - Our Picks

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The Best Paper Shredders of 2017

Fllowes Powershred 70Ci

Editor Rating:

It is enabled to shred for an extremely long time without having to cool down at short whiles. It is equipped with a substantially large shred output bin of six gallons and the sensor in it prevents overfeeding. It is great for more and medium office work but the caster wheels are a bit of a challenge.

It is somewhat complicated to install and heavy for its size. No doubt that it is an excellent product made for bulk project shredding enabled by its powerful cross-cut shredder. For those preferring high-security shredding performance, this is the product for you.

AmazonBasics 12 Sheet High Security Shredder

Editor Rating:

This is a product made for micro-shredding. Indeed, it is through micro-shredding that it enhances security and is an ultimate pro in completely destroying debit and credit cards along with CDs and DVDs. The best feature about it is that it works without any excessive sound and it is quiet. The micro-shredding, however, requires more processing time per sheet and has a rather short shred cycle of eight minutes. 

The machine is an ultimate pleasure for the one seeking the total destruction of credit cards and CDs. For the ones with a concern for security, the micro-shredder blades like the ones in here are ones to opt for.

Royal 18 Sheet Cross Cut Shredder

Editor Rating:

The shredder is this one is definitely one that is made for a powerful performance. The shredder comes with a capacity 18-sheets and a 40-minute duty cycle. The machine is perfect for bulk shredding and a front-feeding model allows it to be used under a desk. The paper, however, has to be aligned properly to fit its narrow feeder and clearly a jam can be a challenging business in this one. 

It presents way too much capacity for a home office. But one has to appreciate the exceptionally long shred cycle and the 18 plus sheet capacity. It might be a bit too much for casual users but for business owners, this is an ideal shredder.

Bonsaii Sheet Micro Cut Shredder

Editor Rating:

This shredder does wonders to unwanted documents, especially those with important data in it. It destroys all of it by micro-cutting the paper into incomprehensible confetti. Apart from this, it does all its work without any sound. The only drawback is that it has a two-minute shred cycle and can only shred a few sheets at a time.

It is a machine made for lovers of high security although it is low on capacity. It proves to be a decent choice for nominal shredding needs.

AmazonBasic 12 Sheet Cross Cut Shredder

Editor Rating:

This shredder is perfect for office use as it can handle up to 12 sheets per pass and destroys 600 sheets a day along with being extremely effective in destroying credit cards and CDs. The paper, however, might be required to be folded to house the chute and it is relatively noisier than the others.

It gets the job at hand done with much efficiency and ease. All in all, it is quite an all-around which gives value for the cost.

The Importance of Paper Shredders in a Digital Age

As a civilization, we are at the zenith of the being digitally equipped in every sense of the word. So, why would someone still care about documents in this modern world of digitization? Contrary to common belief, you definitely should. The rubbish or paper rubbish for you can be letting out some very private information about you or your business to others.

We all know that even though the talk about going paperless is huge, in reality, we use as much paper as ever. Very now then we sign up for electronic statements, print them out and file them along with other important documents such as emails, financial documents, etc. So, it is no surprise that paper documents are more abundant than ever. Hence, it goes without saying that paper documents pose a substantial risk of workplace identity stealing and information breach.

Indeed, according to a recent survey conducted it was found that eighty percent of the large organizations revealed that they had gone through one or more record breaks over the previous one year and a whopping forty-nine percent of them involved the loss or theft of paper documents. That is one of the factors why one should be looking at the best paper shredders at the earliest and stopping this from happening to him or her. Sadly, many businesses fail to realize that their official papers pose an equal amount of risk to the organization as the electric documents.

Shredding hence is the most promising form of information theft prevention and one of the most effective ways to ensure that what is confidential in your sense stay that way without falling into the wrong hands. Also, not to forget it helps in giving back to the environment by recycling the shredded paper and making space in your workplace or home which was earlier being eaten away by unwanted filing.

Tips on Things to Shred

If your desk drawers are overflowing with unfiled documents and paperwork then you should consider doing something about it at the soonest. You are certainly not the only one stuck in such a situation. The amount of paperwork that keeps on piling up because the papers we are given by our employers, billing agencies, and even the government can be a source of much tension for some not just because it eats up a lot of storage space but also because it can fall into the wrong hands and result in identity theft or confidential information breach.

Fortunately, there are options that will help you sort this mess without having to risk your confidentiality. So let’s look at the things that that need to be kept forever and the other that needs to be thrown into the shredder to be shredded into pieces.

What Should You Keep?

Documents like your birth certificates, marriage and death certificates, bonds, graduation certificates, passports, residential proofs, deeds and titles to personal property, tax returns, social security cards, adoption papers and tax returns are things that one should keep without fail. These documents are useful and losing them or for that matter, shredding them might just land you in big trouble.

What You Should Shred Without a Second Thought?

However, there are some other documents which might land you in big trouble too if you do not shred them and they fall into unwanted hands. These include sales receipts, paid credit cards and utility bills, ATM receipts, expired warranties and all other official and non-official papers that are lying around without any use.

Why is It Important to Take Care of Paper Clutter in a Properly?

Paper builds up very easily because it is easy to ignore. As most of us feel too lazy to move our paper bills and junk at the right time, therefore, it does not take too long for the paper to build into a clutter and consume up your precious space. But to say the least, this is going to neither help you in future nor help the management of your house or office. So, without delay, it is better that you deal with your clutter with a proper plan in hand.

Benefits of Document Shredding

Although paper is important to most business, it can also prove to be a source of tension if not handled properly. On an average, a daily office worker is estimated to use a sheet every twelve. This shows that important information gets documented on paper all the time. This increases the chances of information or identity theft. In order to not let that happen, one needs to invest in safe document destruction services. Below are a few benefits of destroying paper by the means of shredding.

It is a means of making sure that important and confidential information has been destroyed properly and is not going to land into unwanted places.

Most of the times the shredded paper is recycled and recycling is one of the best ways to give back to the environment. It not only helps in avoiding the filling up of the landfills before time. It brings an overall positive impact on the environment

This is one of the fastest ways to get rid of waste and ensuring that your security is in good hands.


Shredders have an important value in today’s society more so than ever before. With growing business of a trans-global manner and with the ever increasing use of documents and paper in the world, shredders become vital for safeguarding the security of a lot of confidential data. Having said that, it is ultimately according to your needs that you should choose your shredder.

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  • Updated February 5, 2017