Best Portable Basketball Hoop Reviews – Buying Guide

​The best portable basketball hoop for any price in my opinion is the Lifetime 1269 Pro Court. The best option for budget-conscious buyers is the Lifetime 71522 Competition XL, and the Spalding “The Beast” is also a solid choice for a bit more money.

We love to use portable products in all walks of our lives. The biggest example probably is held in our mass shift from the usage of the fixed land phones to the portable cell phones, within a short span of a few years’ time. We also see this in the increased demand for laptops over computers. Thankfully, technology has spread its wings in the field of sports too, and lo behold! We have portable hoops for one of your favorite sports, basketball. Coming in a wide range of varieties, these types meet your requirements and become your best game buddy!

Best Portable Basketball Hoop - Our Picks

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Reviews of the Best Portable Basketball Hoops

Glass Max Portable System Basketball Hoop

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This basketball hoop is brilliantly equipped with a height adjusting mechanism. The height in this hoop system can be altered from 5 feet to 10 feet. An ordinary crank can perform that function. 

The size of the backboard is 48 inches x 32 inches which indicates that it is kind of small. The material which composes the backboard in this system is the middle price ranged acrylic. This has a total weight of 700 pounds. A blast of 600 pounds is contained in the blast box.

Lifetime 71522 Competition XL Portable Basketball System

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This one is a huge delight for the novices. However, doesn’t mean that professionals enjoy using it too. Practicing with it makes you confident with your dunks and 3 pointers. With a highly considerable 54 inch backboard, it is further armored with acrylic and steel. 

Much to your happiness, smashing it would be difficult. It does have an alterable height ranging from 7.5 to 10 feet. It has a five years warranty. This can defend itself against the rough environment including UV rays. The strengthening effect is doubled with double compression springs. The presence of the welded net hooks further brings benefits. The base, 35 gallon XL can be taken care of by pouring water or sand.

Goalrilla GLR GS 54 Basketball System

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Goalrilla Basketball System is recognized for its compact nature. This raises it along the ranks of the suitability charts. Its compactness makes it fit to be placed in varied sizes of courts in the outdoors. You do not even have to avoid small sized courts or driveways. A singular piece of concrete rock forms the platform on which the whole thing is supported. This structure has the measurements of 5 inches by 5 inches. The size of its backboard is 54 inches by 34 inches and the thickness is 3/8 inches.

The constituent material, thick tempered glass of the dashboard is one the best, though also the most expensive. This provides you with an assurance of great performance. The thickness of the material ensures that it is strong. However, the overall weight remains light so you can move with it. Another special feature of this system is the anchor bolt which smoothes the leveling processes. It is light in weight and easily transportable to any place.

Silverback In-Ground Basketball System

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This has an aluminum frame coupled with a tempered glass measuring 8mm on the backboard. The tallness of the goal can be modified from 7.5 feet to 10. A reliable shield against rust is given by a powder coating on two steel poles. 

The size of the backboard is quite large, 60 inches. Coming with a five-year warranty, this one too offers you the facility of the anchor bolt elevation mechanism.

Spalding “The Beast” Portable Basketball Hoop

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This system’s height can be altered from 7.5 feet to 10 feet using a simple screw mechanism. This is special for its suitability as a residentially adaptable hoop. The item is not sold as a whole but in assembled parts- mainly two parts along with an angular pole system having a screw and a backboard made of tempered glass of size 60 inches.

Its image breakaway rim has a white net fit to face all weather conditions. The base has a caster accompanied with multi wheels and handles which enhances the system’s movability.

Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Portable Basketball System

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The height of this system too starts from 7.5 to 10 feet in its range of adjustability. It changes by a constant increment of 6 inches. Durable, strong, reliable, this one is all of it. The 44-inch backboard is like a shield against adverse atmospheric factors, thus, making this capable of being exposed all year round in outdoor games.

It has a 10-inch rim fixed with a nylon net weighing 50 grams. This also doesn’t deprive you of the peace of convenient mobility.

What Makes a Good Portable Basketball Hoop

A good quality support system is essential to keep the whole system in a stable condition when using it. It functions like a human backbone. Support poles are designed in 3 main ways: three piece, two piece, and one piece. Among these, the one piece support pole systems are usually absent on portable hoops. They are found in ground systems.

The quality of the base of the hoop should never be overlooked. The reasonably priced hoops have bases worth 27 gallons. Strong bases prevent hoops from tipping off in storms. Average-priced hoops have bases that can retain between 35 and 40 gallons of water or sand which further enhance stability. The best ones have bases that can efficiently contain up to 50+ gallons.

When you buy this item, make sure the base has wheels. If the climate around is cold, then put an anti-freeze seal in the base to prevent the water from expanding while freezing and thus damaging parts. Choose a base with a protective plate in front that saves you from injuries.

Rims are mainly of 3 types too. On portable systems, each comes with its individual set of pros and cons.

  • Standard Rim: This does not have compression springs making it prone to breaking or bending. If you are on a budget, then it is advisable that you choose this category of the rim. Also, buy a cheap compression spring to prevent the disasters.
  • Compression Breakaway Rim: This comes without a cover, meaning that the springs are exposed. This is still, compared to the previous type, better for hanging and can deal better when subjected to a couple of mild dunks. Hard dunks cannot be borne by this. It is bouncy and also comes with a disadvantage of potential rust deposits over time due to its continual exposure to harsh weather conditions.
  • Pro-Style Compression Breakaway Rim: If you do not want your springs to wear away and your hoop to get ruined due to the same reason then this could be good news for you. This type comes with a cover. The cover is actually a box in which the springs are kept. The box is attached to the backboard. In order to avoid untimely damage, my advice would be to restrict the amount of rim hanging. Another core benefit of these pro-style rims is that they do not bounce as much as standard rims.

​Backboards are another important part that needs to be well assessed before you purchase your hoop. The sizes, as well as the material of the backboards, are important determining factors. Portable basketball hoops, you may find, have many sizes to choose from. The constituting material too boasts of a number of types. The smallest backboard till date has been one of 44 inches. The usually preferred size is the 52-inch backboard. The largest among the residential hoops has been ascertained to be of 60-inches. The types of materials used for this purpose are:

  • Polycarbonate
  • Acrylic
  • Tempered Glass

You might actually, often consider the material to be a factor of greater importance than the size of the backboard. So, some amount of concise information about the materials could be necessary for you to go through.

​Polycarbonate: This is the most inexpensive material among the ones that are used in making backboards, especially the ones that involve a Spalding system. With this material, a tilt towards the quality of durability is a reality while a step is taken away from the level of performance. So, polycarbonate makes the backboards durable, tough, but fails to be a performance booster in your game. This weakness in performance can be explained in details. It is basically a ‘dead feel’ that resonates when the ball comes off the backboard. It adversely affects the rebound method. This is a problem with all minimally priced materials. But do not be disappointed as backboards made of polycarbonates are just perfect for you if you are interested in the sport as a sporadically conducted activity of recreation with your family or friends.

Acrylic: This material falls in the average position in the gamut of the other members of its kin in terms of its price as well as quality. It is comparatively more expensive than polycarbonate. Interestingly, this possesses and lacks in just the opposite qualities of polycarbonate. It gives less durability but promises better performance. Acrylic backboards are suggested for those who really want to improve their game but live in harsh climates. This can serve its purpose without many problems.​

Tempered Glass: This one tops the price charts, so go for it only if you are willing to spend more. However, the large expense does not leave you complaining as this comes with better benefits. Backboards of tempered glass are the show stealers. Use them to witness with immediacy how the level of your performance elevates. The adequately better rebounds prove the grandeur of this material. The disadvantage that unfortunately haunts it is the susceptibility to breakages. So, it is advisable that you take time to make a well-analysed decision before unburdening your wallets!​

​Next, I am going to focus on the merits and demerits of installing a portable basketball hoop. In order to make a successful investment, one should always these two vital factors into account because, let’s face it, nothing is flawless. The best portable basket ball hoop for you is the one which satiates all your demands without letting the cons get in the way.


  • You can improvise them with a variety of other features like a breakaway rim, a favorite for those who slam-dunk.
  • Their portability surely works to your advantage.
  • You are saved from the trouble of making a hole to install the hoop. You can carry and use it anywhere, something which cannot be done with in-ground hoops. It simply has to be assembled.
  • It is usable anywhere, thereby, ruling out geographical obstacles like a neighborhood that doesn’t allow in-ground hoops.
  • No more requesting for a permit order from your building for installing a hoop since this type is not a permanent one.
  • This does not take a test of your effort all the time, in the sense that this has wheels and thus is easily movable. Also, you need not worry if your kid is not that tall yet because this one gives a facility of adjusting heights.
  • If you are someone who has to move from place to place due to your job, you couldn’t be happier with the portable kinds of hoops. Just pack them along!
  • It is a lot less expensive than the ground hoops.


  • The rim can fall a victim to rust or get bent or break if the unit falls onto it.
  • The above things happen also when you dunk or hang on it.
  • The rim can have a permanent damage if the goal is blown off in a storm.
  • Other weather conditions also can affect the goal adversely.


Hopefully, the review was helpful enough in spreading a word or two about the varieties of portable basketball hoops and the top six picks in the whole lot of good ones till date. Hopefully, it will spur your incentives and lead you to zero down to a particular product based on your critically formulated opinion. It would then transform your bubbling, curious desires into an actual purchase. Then simply use it to your heart’s content, keeping in mind the few precautionary tips. Invite your friends and acquaintances over for a game to introduce them to this interesting device that can make your playing experience hassle-free, smarter and more enjoyable.​

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  • Updated February 5, 2017