Best Portable Charger – Buyers’ Guide & Reviews

​The best portable charger for any price in my opinion is the ZeroLemon ToughJuice Rugged. The best option for budget-conscious buyers is the RAVPower Portable External Battery, and the Ventev Powercell is also a solid choice for a bit more money.

The advancement of technology has only made our lives easier. Gone are the days when mobile phones where the size and shape of a brick. Today we have sleek stylish smart phones that can do almost anything! But an increase in the number of applications can heavily affect your phone’s battery life. We’re all well aware of the consequences of a dead battery. Amidst all the glam and glitz of games, social networking websites and YouTube videos, it is the battery that suffers the worst. That moment of crisis when you’re unable to use your phone only because you forgot to plug in the charger, yes, we’ve all been there.

Tired of rushing to the nearest socket every time the “low battery” warning flashes ominously on the screen? Well, this is where portable chargers come into the picture. A revolutionary solution that allows you to charge your phone anytime, anywhere! Now you don’t have to ration your smartphone usage only because there are no power sockets nearby. The pocket friendly and efficient portable charger is the ultimate game changer in battery technology. Read on to know more about these portable battery chargers and why are they such a rage in the industry.

Best Portable Charger - Our Picks

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Flux Portable Charger

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General Overview

Considered to be among the sleekest and slimmest of portable chargers, the Flux Portable Charger is extremely lightweight and easy to carry. And though it looks delicate and small, the device is surprisingly sturdy and can hold enough power to fully charge your phone once or twice. 

The aluminium framework with the two built in cables, Micro USB port and MFi certified lighting cable can support all gadgets and platforms. You can even plug it in the wall along with your phone charging both devices at once.

Technical specifications

  • Capacity: 4000 mAh
  • Output: 2 built in cables of 1A and 2.1A
  • Weight: 88g (3.1oz)
  • Dimensions: 108 x 62.8 millimetres
  • Charging time: about 3-4 hours approx.

RAVPower Portable External Battery Charger

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General Overview

RAVPower offers a high power capacity that charges your phone faster than any other charger out there. Also this charger comes with three ports that only enhance the versatility of the product - it is compatible with all kinds of devices. The Type C port supports laptops, tablets and iPhones, while the two 2.4A ports work on Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 technology. 

Even the two micro USB cables allow further flexibility in operation. Add to that the attractive console with a large power button and four blue LED lights and we’ve got a keeper!

Technical specifications

  • Capacity: 20100 mAh
  • Output: 3 ports, Type-C 3A, QC 3.0 2.4A and 2.4A
  • Weight: 377g (13.3oz)
  • Charging time: about 4-5 hours approx.

BlitzWolf Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Power Bank

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General Overview

Though thick, chunky and slightly on the heavier side, the BlitzWolf Quick Charge Power Bank is compact enough to be carried from place to place. You get four 2600 mAh batteries in it that add up to the product’s 10,400 mAh capacity. 

The large and visible power button and the four blue LED lights indicate the power consumption and performance. And 2.4A power port and USB cable are built using Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology and is therefore faster and more efficient.

Technical specifications

  • Capacity: 10,400 mAh
  • Output: a single 2.4A port
  • Weight: 270g (9.52oz)
  • Charging time: about 2-3 hours approx.

ZeroLemon ToughJuice Rugged Portable Charger

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General Overview

A perfect companion for travellers and adventurers, the ZeroLemon ToughJuice power bank can support your phone’s battery for an entire week! And its high power capacity and sturdy performance makes up for its heavy and bulky framework.

Built for outdoor use, the device is well protected with a dual plastic covering to prevent scratches and any damage in the harsh external climate (though it is not water proof). Here you can charge a maximum of four gadgets at once. Other than that you even get a micro USB cable along with it.

Technical specifications

  • Capacity: 30,000 mAh
  • Output: 4 ports, (2 2A ports and 2 1A ports)
  • Weight: 400g (14.1oz)
  • Charging time: about 8-24 hours approx.

Braven BVR-BANK Rugged Portable Battery

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General Overview

Another rugged and tough power bank that can support your phone for days, the Braven BVR-BANK model is awarded an IPX5 rating, this means that the device is water proof and scratch resistant (cleared the military drop test standard 81OG). 

The high power capacity of 6000 mAh is sufficient to meet the power needs of all gadgets. You even get an extra micro USB cable, a lanyard strap and a USB torch. But the best thing about this portable charger is the BVR-BANK Remote Battery Monitor App with Bluetooth connectivity that helps you track the power consumption and control the different ports. It has an in-built “Bear Mode” that monitors the battery movements and alerts the user in case of an emergency.

Technical specifications

  • Capacity: 6000 mAh
  • Output: 2 ports, 2.4A and 1A
  • Weight: 277g (9.8oz)
  • Charging time: about 4-5 hours approx.

Ventev Powercell 6000+ Charger

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General Overview

Among the most portable battery chargers in the market, VentevPowercell comes with an AC adapter. The flexible framework allows you to use it anywhere- you can either use it independently or plug it in a wall socket and charge your device through it. 

The two standard ports only add to its functionality. However, you don’t get a USB cable with the set, but the bright and responsive console more than makes up for it. The smart ergonomic design with its matte grey and orange lights is a treat for the eyes.

Technical specifications

  • Capacity: 6000 mAh
  • Output ports:2.1 A and 1 A
  • Weight: 221g (7.8oz)
  • Charging time: 4-5 hours approx.

Emtec Power Pouch

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General Overview

The Emtec Power Pouch compact lightweight portable charger that is compatible with both Android and IOS platforms. It comes with an inbuilt micro USB cable, dual ports and a pouch. The lighting cable can be accessed only by opening the zip of the pouch, the battery is properly sealed inside. 

Other than that, you also have a standard LED interface with a power button. The entire build is very practical and only enhances the usability of the charger.

Technical specifications

  • Capacity: 6000 mAh
  • Output port: 2.1 A and 1 A ports
  • Weight: 240 g (8.46oz)
  • Charging time: 4-5 hours approx.

What Are We Looking For?

Now that our phones are smart, it is time we switch over to smarter charging techniques as well. Thanks to the power banks recharging, your phone’s battery has never been easier! And as mentioned above the portable chargers have been an important part of our lives. But before you go in for any of these devices there are some basic key features that one must keep in mind. Listed below is a checklist of sorts that define the primary features of a competent portable charger.

  • Compactness of design
  • Size, weight and portability
  • Power consumption and speed
  • Energy efficiency and charging time
  • Versatility and reliability

All about Portable Battery Chargers

Smartphones are an indispensable part of our lives, almost like a life supporting system. But most mobile batteries last a day at the max (that is, if you’re not binge watching your favourite show online or playing Pokémon GO!) Oh how wonderful it would be if your phone had a longer battery life! Well, that’s what a portable charger does! A compact device that is compatible to all platforms, the portable charger or power bank helps you replenish the energy consumed by the phone. It supplies power through the built in batteries and USB port.

The Perks of a Portable Charger

So you’ve closed all the power draining apps, tuned the brightness down to the lowest level (so that you have to squint at your phone) praying that it doesn’t give up until you find the nearest power socket. But alas! the battery dies nonetheless. If this seems like an oh so familiar situation then it’s high time that you get a portable power bank charger! Let us look into some of the key advantages offered by a portable charger:

Charge Your Phone Anytime Anywhere!

The best thing about portable chargers is that you can use it anywhere. You don’t have to deal with a long power cord or need a socket nearby. This comes in especially handy if you’re using public transport or are out on a road trip. You can use all the applications, play games, watch movies, and more without worrying about the battery life.

Compact, Lightweight and Portable

Portable chargers are neither heavy nor very inconvenient to carry. The compact and lightweight framework of the portable charger can easily fit your pocket. This means you can easily move it from one place to another making it a pretty useful tool for travellers. You don’t have to carry any additional bulky equipment either, the portable charge can be easily stored in your purse or pockets

Supports All Platforms and Devices

Another useful feature about portable chargers is its versatility. Yes, portable chargers support all devices and platforms. It doesn’t matter if your smartphone is an Android, Windows or IOS model, you can charge it all here. Also portable chargers are not just confined to mobile phones, you can even use it to charge MP3s, Tablets, PSP, iPad, iPods and other gadgets! A portable charger is every tech geek’s best friend! This even cuts down on the cost of getting a separate charger for each of your gadgets.

Multiple Sockets

Thanks to portable chargers, you can now charge more than one device at once. While earlier models of power banks usually had one power socket, the newer and improved models feature multiple sockets. These power banks are tailor made for the modern user who usually carries more than one electronic gadget. This portable device can also be called an all-purpose family charger and comes in very handy in family trips!

Sleek and Stylish

The compact and sleek design of the portable charger only adds on to its appeal. Available in various colours of black, grey and white, these power banks look sophisticated and attractive. The splendid exteriors combined with the high tech features and easy functionality makes portable charger a rage in the market. And they perfectly complement your pencil thin and stylish smart phones!

Power Efficient and Time Saving

Other than its attractive console and versatile features, portable mobile chargers also help in conserving power. The device is designed to conserve its power consumption so that it can function uninterrupted for hours at end. All you have to do is charge the power bank for a couple of hours and you’re set for the long trip without worrying about the phone’s longevity.

The Bottom Line

Everyone is familiar with the frustrating consequences caused due to a dead battery. From interrupted web browsing to abruptly cutting phone calls, the disaster of a dead battery is a well-known problem among people. This is where portable chargers swoop in with their innovative and practical solution for all smartphone users. Fast, simple and convenient, these power banks are perfect for users who are constantly on their smart phones. The products reviewed above are only a few handfuls of the many competent portable chargers out there. Replete with so many amazing features, these power chargers are a profitable investment.

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  • Updated February 5, 2017