Best Portable PA System Reviews & Detailed Buyers Guide

​The best portable pa system for any price in my opinion is the Hisonic HS120B. The best option for budget-conscious buyers is the Pyle-Pro PCMX260MB, and the Behringer EUROPORT EPA900 is also a solid choice for a bit more money.

Your PA system plays an indispensable role in your performance. It is instrumental in making your musical piece either a total success or a complete failure. Upcoming musicians, instrumentalists, as well as vocalists, should know that if you possess the appropriate portable PA system, it will help you at two levels. Not only will your performance be enriched, but your need to depend on the audio apparatus of your venue will also be reduced to a great extent.

That need will be fulfilled by your reliable portable PA gear. It will improve your knowledge of sound equipment, thus, giving you an edge in situations of technical failures at your venue. Your morale too will naturally get a boost when you have a fully reliable backup with you. So if you are in need of some advice regarding which PA systems are worth investing in, all you have to do is continue reading!

Best Portable PA System - Our Picks

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Reviews of the Best Portable PA Systems of 2017

Behringer EUROPORT EPA900 Portable PA System

Editor Rating:

This comprehensive sound support gear can be fitted into your suitcase itself, making it extremely viable in transportation. This is particularly convenient for those presenters or musicians who require loudspeakers that can be readily moved around from place to place. And you don’t need to stress about losing the quality of your sound due to the equipment either. It is an ideal mechanism that can be used readily at training centers, conferences, and gyms.

It comes with 2 speakers of a massive 900W power. An unbelievable sound generation is assured by its powerful woofers of 10” and 1.35” compression drivers made of an aluminum diaphragm. Its studio level stereo processor features include pitch shifter, flanger, chorus, delay, reverb and a number of other multi-effects. Thus, it reduces a considerable amount of your workload. Prompt removal of feedback is ensured by its ground-breaking FBQ Feedback Detection system which immediately highlights the critical frequencies for you. All of its mono channels have an operational, tremendously musical 2-band EQ, changeable clip and Pad LEDs.

You can also make use of this system for your karaoke applications as its voice canceler feature eliminates the voice of the singer from the recordings. Also included in the box are Stereo Aux inputs that can be used in external devices like sub mixers. It has an incorporated storage compartment to keep your cables, microphones, and any other accessories. Its integrated button mode power source allows a noise-free sound, maximum flexibility, least possible energy intake, and an enhanced transient response.​

Behringer Europort EPA 150

Editor Rating:

Seeing as how it is considered a low-end product by a lot of people, its specifications are quite remarkable. The package includes a 7-band graphic equalizer, stereo, a unique energy saving mode called ‘Planet Earth’, and various other settings. Behringer cables, clip, and an XM1800S microphone also come with the package.

Like the previous Europort PA System, it can be conveyed in your briefcase. It can be put up in a matter of seconds and is very light in weight. Much of its specifications are the same as the Behringer EUROPORT EPA900 Portable PA System. It is extremely versatile with its various ports. It is the perfect PA gear for all your board meetings, press conferences, and multi-media presentations, as well as a one-stop shop for your entertainment cravings. You can easily attach your computer and iPod in it.

It works really well if you are the only one using it, and only have basic requirements of it such as songwriting and simple amplification. But if you are a DJ and need a considerable amount of bass, or if many people need the machine to operate simultaneously, it might prove to be a bit limited in its capabilities. One of those downsides is that the bass points are too low for a larger number of people. If you plug in many devices at the same time, the system could get a bit confused too and sound clarity might not be so great. All in all, it is a decent machinery for conducting small events.​

Pyle-Pro PCMX260MB

Editor Rating:

This is the definitive wireless, rechargeable and portable PA system which also supports SD Card, MP3 and USB interface. It can really surprise you with its power peaking up to 200 watts along with an LCD screen that helps you to organize your music in an efficient manner. And you can get your party started up right away, through your computer itself, with its support for an SD card. Switching out your playlists is just a click away with this smooth PA. Simply delete your former playlist from your memory card and run a new playlist easily from your PC.

With a battery backup of 12 hours, you have no reason to be concerned about plugging the machine in. So now you can drag it around with you wherever you go – rallies, clubs, bars, street festivals or backyard parties. During your performance, this PA offers you the liberty of an unrestricted movement on the stage. This is made possible with its wireless microphones which can function even with a distance range of up to a 100 feet. In addition to all this, it can also be connected to any sound system that makes use of RCA connectors – be it your home sound system or your CD player. Even an iPod of an older generation, which is not attuned to the system, can be connected to it.

To make your voice lucid and loud so that everybody can hear you, you can attach your microphone to the Line/MIC input. And you can increase or decrease the volume according to your needs with the readily accessible volume control. Moreover, it comes with an in-built stand mount of 35mm for the speaker. This allows you to choose your preferred speaker stand, and thereby improve the audio at your event by selecting the optimum listening level for placing the speakers.

Hisonic HS120B

Editor Rating:

Packed into this portable PA system is an experience of a smooth conjunction between its VHF wireless microphone gear and massive 40W speakers. There is one simple thing you need to do before you can begin using the device. Open up the battery slot and get rid of the plastic protection tape which you will find at the battery terminal.

Its speakers have a high potential rechargeable battery. You can find your perfect PA partner in the Hisonic system in all of your outdoor activities. You will find that it can be of great assistance if you are a camping jamboree. The reason for that is pretty simple – you may have camped in a wilderness and have no way into an electrical outlet for any kind of assistance.

If you need to use several microphones at once, there is an additional jack for mic input. The sound input jack will let you play music via the in-built speaker machinery. You can synchronize it with any device meant for media streaming.

Fender Passport 150 PRO-Portable PA System

Editor Rating:

Here the brand name of Fender itself plays a vital role in your interest in this product. But it is the best alternative in the market not just due to the reputation of the brand, but due to its unique features as well. The richness present in its audio, the quality of its bass, the lucidity of its vocals, and the skill for adding a good reverb in the output are the factors that will keep you content with this model.

It is designed to deal with a wide range of inputs such as computers, instruments, microphones, and so on without any hitch. It does not have a burdensome schematic, making it easy for transportation as well as for mounting it onto a stand. And it is sturdy enough to handle some damage, such as falling 8ft.

It can be availed for any event, ranging from worship, sporting and education events to presentations, meetings, seminars, and gigs at coffee houses, small clubs, and parties. Yet there are a lot more possibilities waiting to be explored, as it takes up very little space.

You may notice a hum that progresses in its volume in the ratio of the number of devices you have currently plugged into it. This might make it look like the PA system is struggling, but in reality, it barely turns any heads in the audience.​

Yamaha Stagepas 600I Portable PA System

Editor Rating:

This is meant for those of you out there who need some more channel capacity and power. It is amazingly accessible and light in weight. The package includes an in-built mixer with a pair of high functionality speakers. You can set it up and start playing within minutes, and then put it back and get to the road again without any hassle at all. None of this will in any way compromise your versatility or sound quality.

It has 2 amplifiers of 340W power. Each has the capacity to fill quite big rooms or clubs or convey your audio through a significant outdoor distance. This incredibly compact item delivers you an enhanced quality of sound plus dependability. You get a total of 10 input channels to accommodate all the sources you want to mix. Apart from the primary speakers, you get line inputs in the mixer so that you can plug in secondary speakers for observation. This also has the option of sending the output of the mixer to a recording equipment.

An Auto Limiter protects the speakers and power amplifier from getting damaged due to overload. A switch allows you to choose between the mode of music or speech, which then accordingly optimizes the settings of your system to provide you maximum clarity in speech. It has 10” woofers which provide clean and superior quality of sound. Its speaker stand can be mounted without your average speaker stand adapters.

Types of Public Address Systems

  • Prepackaged PA Systems: You may not always like having to get into the whole machinery of PA gear. In such situations, a live and whole PA equipment package which gives you everything you require to get on with your performance would come in handy for you. These compendiums are also helpful when you do not have much knowledge of PA apparatus. You won’t have to encounter any problems that originate from incompatible PA modules, which can happen if you assemble the different components manually. And further, bundled up PA gears also prove to be quite pocket-friendly.
  • All-in-one Integrated PA Systems: If your venue doesn’t come with an in-built PA, or if you are performing a solo act, or duos, or even if your group is small, an integrated tower equipment is a smooth and efficient method of making yourself heard. It does not involve any sort of hassle. This machinery usually pack the power amp, mixer, and the speaker array into a sole structure that is column like in its shape.

    You can even break it down into different parts to make transportation easier for yourself. The components of this PA equipment are optimized so that they work well with each other. The speaker arrays are made so as to generate a high-quality sound which can fill your entire room. Hence, they are a more reasonably priced and portable deal in comparison to your typical PA gears.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Portable PA System

  • Scale, Size, and Venue of the Event: If your performance is in an outdoor place like any make-shift stage, stadium or open air theater, remember that such places naturally require PA Systems which are considerably powerful. Another set of features might work out for small functions and closed spaces. Hence, whichever system you choose should be in accordance with the requirements specific to your particular venue.
  • Compatibility: It is also necessary to check out how many output and input devices your selected PA System supports. Your sound quality will be much improved if the equipment can accommodate numerous output and input channels. In this day and age, a system that is properly compatible with laptops and personal music systems might come in handier.
  • Wireless Functioning and Power Requirements: You will be able to hold your own against sudden power failures if you opt for a PA System which has battery backup. The reach of your audio over a distance will be extended through the wireless components. It will prove easier for you to place the speakers at several different places in the venue so that everyone can enjoy the music. A wireless mic will be better for a vocalist. You must seriously consider the battery life as it should be able to keep you afloat through your entire performance if it is required.
  • Speakers: You will get more tonal separation and an enhanced sonic dimension if your PA System has low and high-frequency speakers. The sound is dispersed widely with a multi-speaker array system contingent upon the positioning of the individual speakers within the cupboard. You also get a more balanced and focused sound output with single driver speakers.


PA Systems are absolutely vital in deciding the fate of your performance. The quality of your sound dispersion will usually depend on the sound equipment available at your venue. But this dependability is precisely what they remove from the equation and let you take your fate into your own hands. It is necessary to remember that it is only justifiable to invest in a portable PA System if that package includes the entire range of usage. If not the whole, then at least a major component of it. But also be cautious of a compact PA System which is overloaded with several features. These may result in a singular point of failure that might prove to be very difficult to trounce.

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