Best Riding Lawn Mowers 2017 – Reviews & Beginner’s Guide

​The best riding lawn mower for any price in my opinion is the Husqvarna PZ60. The best option for budget-conscious buyers is the Craftsman Six Speed Rider Mower

A riding lawn mower is one which allows you to maintain your grass comfortably while being seated, whereas other kinds of mowers have to be either towed or pushed. They can also look a lot like small tractors at times. They are best suited for the purpose of mowing large lawns or the ones in hills that have gentle slopes. In addition to that, they can also be used for mowing postcard-stamp size lawns if you don’t want to spend too much energy leveling your grass. Riding lawn mowers also have the ability to clamber on other devices such as snow blowers, rototillers, yard vacuums and snow plows.

Best Riding Lawn Mowers - Our Picks

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Craftsman Six Speed Rider Mower


High End

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Husqvarna PZ60


High End

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Cub Cadet RZT-L 42 Lap




Bad Boy MZ Magnum




Craftsman Six Speed Rider Mower

Editor Rating:

This riding lawn mower can maneuver around most of the obstacles found in an average kind of yard. It has a good speed and well-sized cutting width. Rather than working on a shifter knob and a clutch pedal all the time, which considerably shifts your focus, it allows ready shifting with a gear selector that is operated by hands. 

It cannot be used for mowing large hills, although small slopes are definitely within its potential. It has a standard maneuverability, which means that two or three tresses are not a problem at all for this riding lawn mower. But you will have to keep an eye out for small-sized things such as shrubs and fountains, and manually remove the grass around these objects.

It can readily deal with any residential job and is very simple to maintain too. This is not meant for heavy duty work. But can easily carry along small attachments like a bagging system with two bins. Its cruise control facility lets you concentrate on steering so that any accidents can be avoided. Your lawn is well protected from any kind of marring with its anti-skid tires. Its cup holder keeps you hydrated and protects you from too much exhaustion, even on days that are hot as hell.

It makes steering a relaxed exercise through the deluxe padding in the steering wheel. It wouldn’t be a very attractive prospect to mow large lawns with this particular Craftsman Six-Speed Rider Mower as it doesn’t have any armrests. This works as a hand mower when laying down any new meadows and it also helps to maintain them as they grow larger with its optional attachments for aerators and seed spreaders in addition.

Husqvarna PZ60

Editor Rating:

Its dependability, fast cutting performance, and operator safety highlight it among the best riding lawn mowers of the modern age. With the widest yet cutting blade, it provides maximum possible clearance of the yard. 

With a zero-turning design, it can readily circumvent hurdles such as visible pebbles and landscaping decorations in addition to turning corners with the greatest ease. Shifting gears won’t take away your focus due to the automatic shift in transmission.

It is furnished with cooling fans that keep its functioning smooth and provide an extended work life. Now that’s a feature that you haven’t encountered in any of the riding lawn mowers yet! And that is not the only one either. If the mower, unfortunately, tips over, rest assured that you are protected from injury due to its rollover protection system. You can also get rid of it in areas that are safe such as places with branches, which are considered to be obstacles that are low hanging.

You will have all the comfort that you can dream of while mowing large fields with its armrests, soft seat, padded control levers and a platform that is vibration isolated. It has a strong resistance to any impact from obstacles. The work points can be quickly accessed for efficient maintenance and repairs. You can also schedule the oil changes and tune-ups with its digital hour meter. With all these extraordinary features, the Husqvarna PZ60 is a worthy candidate for commercial landscape maintenance organizations and companies.

Cub Cadet RZT-L 42 Lap Bar Zero Turn Rider

Editor Rating:

If you haven’t been able to find a suitable mower for your large lawn, be assured that this one can definitely take it on with a considerable ease. Driving this mower is very easy since the dual hydrostatic transmission is automatically operated. It can run through large as well as medium fields and lawns very quickly. It prides on giving its customers a very relaxed and convenient riding experience through an exclusive seat of Cub Comfort that comes with numerous modifiable positions and a high back.

Like the Bad Boy MZ Magnum, this riding lawn mower also offers comfort grips in order to enable you to work with the mower for protracted periods of time without straining your hand even the least bit. And once again like the above-mentioned mowers, this model too makes hydrating your body an effortless job. Not only does it keep you from getting dehydrated, but it also keeps you from going hungry on extended jobs. It has an additional storage room for keeping snacks or any tools that you might need, so you don’t have to fetch them again. Its dual control levers make it easy to maneuver around any lawn decorations, small shrubs and similar objects. Its construction and design are durable.

The thick steel of the deck provides the blades and machinery of the mower protection from the impact of rocks, thus giving it a long life and an exceptional functioning. It also solves a problem commonly faced while riding mowers by keeping it level while driving. Maintenance is easy as the dirt buildup can be removed by using the patented washing system of Cub Cadet. This riding lawn mower is, however, not suitable for usage on hills. Overall, the Cub Cadet RZT-L 42 Lap Bar Zero-Turn Rider is a good buy for its price.

Bad Boy MZ Magnum

Editor Rating:

This riding lawn mower works pretty well to suit your commercial as well as residential purposes. It takes a smaller amount of time to finish the larger turfs. It can move around almost all objects by gyrating on its wheels using tank-lever controls. It makes it easier for you to concentrate and steer using both of your hands as the shift of hydrostatic transmission is automatic.

Bad Boy MZ Magnum has a really good maneuverability. The height of the blade can be adjusted to get maximum precision in cutting. If you happen to come across any unexpected pebbles or any other objects while mowing, this mower lets you hoist the deck very quickly by using a foot pedal for blade lifting. Your comfort and stability while riding this mower is pretty much guaranteed.

It has a much extended functioning life and augmented robustness. All of its components are easily accessible so that you can conveniently perform routine maintenance such as tune-ups and repairs. Apart from an elevated level of performance, this lawn mower also provides several other expedient qualities. While steering the mower, the hands are generally under a lot of pressure, but the control levers of Bad Boy MZ Magnum have extremely soft grips that keep your hands free of even the smallest amount possible of strain. The seat is hefty and soft so that you are relaxed even on protracted jobs.

You can also avoid dehydration by having your water near to you in the cup holder of this riding lawn mower. You can store up to 3 gallons of fuel at a time in the fuel tank, so this saves you the time you would normally give to refueling your tank while working. In addition, the level of the gas is always visible from the transparent section of the fuel gauge in the gas tank. This riding lawn mower offers the proficiencies of a zero-turn mower for a reasonable price, all without compromising on the quality and the performance!

Types of Riding Lawn Mowers

Riding lawn mowers come in two types: electric and gas.

Electric Riding Lawn Mower

Electric mowers have some definite advantages over the gas riding lawn mowers. If you are environment conscious and want to do your bit in making this world more eco-friendly, then this is the right choice for you. This is because electric riding lawn mowers are good for the environment as they do not use gas or fuel, but rather run on electricity.

They are also much quieter than the gas riding lawn mowers, and hence do not cause sound pollution. And the best part is that they don’t burn too much of a hole in your pocket! On the other hand, they are also a bit lacking in efficacy, as they consume less energy than gas mowers. When using electric mowers, always check to make certain that the battery is fully charged as it is liable to run out quickly, particularly in wet circumstances.

Gas Riding Lawn Mower

Gasoline mowers run on either petrol or other kinds of liquid fuels. They have a gained an edge over electric mowers so far as they are more efficient because they consume more power, and their distance range is much greater. However, the combustion due to petrol in the engine produces a considerable degree of pollution. Regular maintenance is also required for their engines, such as changing the oil in the engine and the replacement or cleaning of the air filter and the spark plug. They are relatively louder than the electric mowers, thus contributing to sound pollution.

Whichever riding lawn mower you choose to maintain your lawn with, always remember to wear heavy hearing and eye protection, as well as heavy footwear for your own safety. They can lead to loss of hearing if utilized without wearing hearing protection.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Riding Lawn Mower

On the basis of your specific requirements, several different features can make a model of a riding lawn mower either attractive or unattractive. The following criteria can help you with selecting the most suitable mower for any of your projects. Look at the engine placement, cutting width, transmission, speed and zero-turn design of each model before finalizing any particular model.


For a professional landscaper or a maintenance worker, high speed is of the most significance as it increases their profits by getting them on to their next project quickly. And even if you are not a professional, the faster your mower, the sooner your job is done!

Cutting Width

The right balance of the width of the cutting blade is absolutely vital. If the blade is wider, it will cut more amount of the area in each round and thus save your time, but some mowers could also turn out to be too wide for comfortable movement through the lawn.

Zero Turn Design

This feature in any riding lawn mower provides great maneuverability around shrubs, lawn statues, and trees. On the other hand, they are not really suitable for hills as they make too sharp turns on steep terrains.

Engine Placement

The placement of the engine is what usually ascertains the power of the riding lawn mower. Look out for models with front-engines, as they possess larger engines, thereby giving a greater amount of power as well as cutting ability. Contrarily, models with rear-engines come with less size and power, and that is what the zero-turn specimens are commonly fitted with.


The automatic transmission in the mower will let you focus more on steering rather than shifting, while manual transmission makes you work more while mowing.

Choose a Riding Lawn Mower to Make Your Garden Dazzling!

The amazing and vast world of internet has almost all the information on simply any existing product you’re looking for contained in it. Nonetheless, it can be quite a bit of a hassle to go through the endless streaks of information at one go. Above of all, most of us lack the patience. I’ve devoted almost 20 hours of my life to compile the most useful information and dependable product reviews to create this article. Why? Because making the internet a better place is something I am really passionate about.

Summing Up

Riding lawn mowers are very necessary to maintain the charming beauty of your lawns. You have the option to go for electric riding lawn mowers rather than the ones that operate on gas so as to contribute your bit for environmental protection. Some of the leading brands have been reviewed above, with all their benefits and disadvantages. Hope this article will help you in making the right choice for the right kind of lawn!

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