My DeLonghi PACC100E 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Review

DeLonghi PACC100E

In all likelihood, you’ve probably never heard of the brand DeLonghi. Don’t feel bad, because I hadn’t either until they contacted me about reviewing one of their products. Well, you all know me. I just had to accept their invitation! With that I received the DeLonghi PACC100E and played around with the air conditioner thoroughly. Was I impressed with its performance? Read on to find out the truth about this portable air conditioner.

Product Specifications

Once I got the unit I was a little surprised by its overall size. It is undoubtedly one of the biggest and certainly the heaviest units I have used. Does this mean that it is more powerful? Check out the specs below.

  • This is a 10,000 BTU Portable AC
  • Compatible with a 115V outlet (standard)
  • Supports three different modes: AC, Fan, and Dehumidifier
  • Capable of Cooling 350 SQ FT.
  • Dripless and Bucketless
  • Dehumidifier is capable of removing 76 pints of moisture per day

The design is stylish and the three modes ensure that the unit can be used throughout the year. Continue reading to find out more about my experience with this AC.


Surprisingly Portable

As I have said above, the unit is on the big end of the spectrum. However it is not difficult to move about. Caster wheels and handles make sure that the unit can be moved around easily. During the day I used it in my living room before moving it to my bedroom at night. Getting it into my home was a different story and I needed a hand to do so.

Three Modes

The DeLonghi can be used for three purposes. During the summer it can be used to keep your house cool. The dehumidifier can be used throughout the year to keep your home comfortable. A fan option is also available and could be used to blow hot or cool air throughout a 350 square foot space.

Potential Cons

Poor Venting System

The window kit and venting system is very poorly designed. It does not allow the hot air to escape out the window as well as it should. You may need to set up a permanent vent/drainage connection instead of relying on the vent that comes with the unit.

Overall Assessment

The DeLonghi PACC100E should be adequate for most consumers. Just beware that the unit may have the potential to spring a leak. Contact the manufacturer immediately, if a leak occurs. However, I have not experienced any problems with the unit, since I have owned it.