Honeywell HL14CESWK 14000 BTU Portable AC Review

With the arrival of summer, I guess it’s high time the sun needs to keep calm and be gentle in heating. But then again I guess there’s no point in being absurdly fanciful. Here goes my sincere gratitude to Willis Carrier, the brain behind the creation of air conditioners, the man who successfully challenged the battle against the outraged sun and won it too. In fact, I am writing this article sitting in my air conditioned room, all sweat-free and comfortable, while the temperature outside is hovering around 100 degrees. Things I said so far were to give utterance to the undeniable importance of air conditioners.

In this era of ever-evolving technology, these machines are also going through rapid transformation. From traditional windows AC, to sleek and stylish split AC and finally portable air conditioners, a huge reduction in the dimension has been noticed, in a humble effort to facilitate mobility. Honeywell, a titan merchant of portable ACs, have recently rolled out their latest HL Series in the market. Considering the price, these products enroll themselves at the top-end of the cost spectrum. Premium cooling output, truckloads of utilities and a commendable initiative towards energy conservation, HL14CESWK air conditioners are characterized by these elite qualities.

Why is it a Top Pick?

The sleek and bold aesthetics give an excellent modern outlook to your bedroom, study-room or workshop. The cooling capacity of 14k British Thermal Units can effectively cover areas up to 550 sq.ft. However, I have always felt that you should place the AC in a room a size or two smaller than the recommended size for the desired output. It combines a 3 in one technology with a built-in dehumidifier. When you put the machine into the dehumidifier mode, the system eliminates 110 pts of moisture per day, that too without any downtime.

The design is devoid of any drip bucket or drain system, the self-evaporation feature saves the labour of emptying the bucket or rinsing the dripping water on a regular basis. The three-speed fan circulates cool air along with great ventilation when the air conditioner mode is not required. If you program it into sleep mode, the unit automatically sets an ideal temperature for the room during the night time. Additionally, on the digital dashboard, you will also find a 24 hour automatic shut-off timer. Activating this option enables the system to auto switch on or shut down after a power outage. One of the main reasons why portable ACs are gaining prominence over standard fixed ACs is the ease of storage and installation.

As the components of the former are not pre-fixed, the unit doesn’t demand permanent installation. You can remove the window vent during the times the Ac is not in use.The product package also includes an expandable exhaust hose to stretch the line farther in the room. Another feature that made me for fall this model all over again, and harder this time was the digital LCD display. Every second manufacturer advertises their digital dashboard to have feather-touch sensitivity, but only a handful of them know what it actually means. Thankfully enough, HL14CESWK don’t belong to the band of regular Joes. On top of that, you will be getting a full-function remote control with which you can tweak the settings without moving away from your position.

Worth the Hype?

Despite of the steep price tag, HL14CESWK is having no dearth of customers. You can’t expect a 14000 BTUs cooling unit adorned with the best technology available to come at a lesser cost. With multi-speed fan, premium dehumidification and air cooling- these portable air conditioners fully meets all the criteria of a premium range conditioner cum dehumidifier.

Above all, the unit is almost maintenance free and the caster wheels located at the bottom makes transporting the machine a charm. There’s a special place reserved in hell for ACs that make synapse-disintegrating noise during the operation. Finding a quiet AC has become less of a challenge now. The one currently under the spot light also goes gentle on your ear buds by devising a noise-level controller.

For my test, I used this AC in my office cabin for a full month, replacing my old 1.5 ton split AC. I was taken by surprise to check the electricity bill at the end of the month. I had unwittingly saved a couple of dollars on my bill and I think the credit goes to the energy-saving sleep mode which provides sufficient chilling even when you’re awake.


Honeywell HL Series portable ACs infallibly satiate the cooling requirements in every season, be it a sultry, humid weather or a mildly sunny day, the three-speed fan-only mode is a great fit for every occasion. The smooth gliding caster wheels make portability a cinch. My overall verdict says HL14CESWK is worth every bit of the sum you spend on it. Supreme construction quality, fantastic cooling, excellent energy-saving unit – it is an enigmatic synthesis of technology and thoughtful design.