Honeywell MM14CCSBB 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Review

While you’re busy churning out new and effective ideas to beat the heat this summer, why not saving up and try buying a brand new AC? Lack of enough space or a big sum is not a big issue, thanks to the invention of portable ACs. Not only they fit in your shoe string budget, but their slim and compact profile also allow them to be carried and transported simply anywhere with the help of the wheels fitted at the bottom. The product I am going to analyze in detail in this segment needs no introduction. It has already created quite a buzz among the mass in a very short period. It is Honeywell MM14CCSBB 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner that I’m talking about.

No two portable air conditioners are of equal quality. As long as you’re keen on purchasing one, you should first get a solid idea about the features, capacity and performance of the product before buying. Honeywell MM14CCSBB is a gen-next model that can be operated via remote control. It utilizes a unique 3 in 1 technology to satiate your versatile cooling needs. Its three electrostatic filters make sure that not a single atom of impurity goes into your lungs. In order to form a concrete idea about the product, let’s put the specifications advertised by the manufacturer under evaluation:

Evaluation of the Product Details

Since it’s not a fixed AC, you don’t need to worry about the installation hassles. It comes with four caster wheels for trouble-free transportation. The high capacity 14K unit can pivot down the mercury of a room as large as 550 sq.ft, irrespective of how hot and humid it actually is, thanks to the power airflow of 265 CFM. The eco-friendly compressor delivers optimum dehumidification (approximately 95 pints per day). The 3M electrostatic filter effectively vacuums harmful airborne particles, turning the air fresh and salubrious. Plus, you get easy access to the back of the filter for convenient maintenance.

You have the liberty to decide how much moisture you want to have in the air. The no-sense, thoughtful design adds a classic touch to your office cabin or bedroom. The clever auto-evaporative design of the model excludes any drip bucket. It is because the function permits hours of non-stop operation by evaporating the collected moisture on its own. Therefore, there’s neither any dripping water issue nor any bucket to rinse.

It also features a fan-only function which helps a uniform distribution of chilled air in every corner of the room. The full-function remote control brings all the functions at your fingertips, enabling you to operate the AC from anywhere across the room. It also boasts of a crystal clear LCD display with feather-touch controls. When I say it’s an AC made for the gen-next, I mean every word of it. The model thoroughly justifies itself as a smart AC for the next generation of tech-freaks.

You can enjoy a peaceful repose in your room, for the unit restrains the noise-level within 54 decibel which is barely enough to miff you. A window venting kit comes bundled with the package. It is super simple to attach and can be taken out when not in use. Another feature to grab my attention was the fully automatic 1-24 hour shut-off timer. It’s a wise step towards optimal energy conservation, as the timer activates or shuts-down the unit automatically after the power outage. You can additionally buy a protective cover for a minimal amount along with the main product.

What’s Good?

It’s rather more challenging to list down what’s not. For a room measuring 550 sq. ft. or less, Honeywell MM14CCSBB is a flawless cooling solution. The stylish black frame is aesthetically stunning. Folks highly concerned over the global-warming issue would be glad to find a product like this whose makers have tried crafting an AC that doesn’t contribute to the air pollution. It maneuvers an environmental friendly air compressor that doesn’t emit toxic gases.

The remote control operation allows unobstructed access to all the features from every corner of the room. Another great advantage of this model is its almost maintenance-free aspect. There’s neither any water to drain nor any hassle of emptying the bucket, all because of the auto-evaporation system that recycles all the accumulated moisture, exhausting the condensate build-up.the rolling caster wheels makes relocating the equipment a breeze. The unit also features an extendable hose which eliminates the problem of installing a power socket within vicinity.

What’s Bad?

Nothing significant that’s worth pointing out.

The Final Verdict

If you’re desperately hunting for a portable AC unit that won’t compel you to rob a bank, MM14CCSBB is the ultimate go-to option for you. Of course, you are going to comes across an array of models claiming the similar functions at a much lower cost, but none beats the quality of Honeywell. Trust me when I say this. It’s an ideal synthesis of optimal output and a truckload of utilities. Moreover, the product is backed by the manufacturer’s worldwide one year’s warranty which can be extended for another year at a moderate cost. What else do you ask for?