My Comprehensive Review of the Koldfront PAC1401W Air Conditioner

Koldfront PAC1401W

Hey there everyone! Have you ever heard of the brand Koldfront? Yep neither had I until I found out that they make portable air conditioners. You guessed it! I had to try one of them out and review it for all of you. After a little contemplation, I eventually settled for the Koldfront PAC1401W 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. Was I totally impressed with the machine’s performance? Below, you’ll find out!

Product Specifications

As always, I am going to list the product’s specifications. This will make it a little bit easier for you to determine whether or not the product is right for your home.

  • 14,000 BTU cooling power
  • 24-hour programmable timer
  • Heater and Dehumidifier function
  • Auto-evaporative technology and bucket-free design
  • Remote controlled for easy use
  • Maximum cooling capacity up to 525 sq. ft. space
  • Window installation kit in the box

The specifications are definitely impressive but how is the machine’s performance? We all know that manufacturers tend to embellish. You will learn about my time with this air conditioner below.


Above Average Cooling Power

One of the strongest areas of this Koldfront portable air conditioner is its cooling prowess. With 14,000 BTUs in store, it surely won’t run out of firepower any time. In my experience, it’s capable of cooling fairly large rooms, some as large as 700 square feet, even when the specs may suggest otherwise. If raw cooling power is most important to you, go with this Koldfront unit with your eyes closed and thank me later.

Easily Portable and Simple Installation

First let me be very clear. This air conditioner is on the heavier side at around 75 pounds. However it is very portable. How so? Well it is equipped with some durable caster wheels, which will ensure that the machine can be wheeled around effortlessly. Side handles make it even easier to wheel it about. The product comes with everything needed to get it installed quickly. The window kit is adjustable and will fit the majority of windows. Once I got it, I had it up and running without a matter of minutes.

Fairly Convenient Setup

The product is equipped with many conveniences that will make life easier. Obviously the remote control is handy and allowed me to adjust the temperature from halfway across the room. At the top of the unit you will find buttons that are easily identifiable. This makes it easy to switch to different modes or adjust the temperature. The 24-hour timer can also be adjusted from here.


Nothing Much Really

Despite all of the good things one can say about this product it isn’t flawless when you take everything into account. While running, it is quite on the louder side. You’d have difficulty sleeping right beside it. Apart from that, it’s also a bit on the heavier side. But then again, what else can you expect when you’re getting that insane cooling capability?

My Assessment

The product looks stylish and is convenient to use. At first, I was pleasantly surprised after trying out this portable AC unit by Koldfront, because I didn’t hear much about the brand before actually landing this product in my home. I can assure that, like me, you will be thrilled with its overall performance and likely be a fan of this Koldfront Portable AC after using it.