A Comprehensive Review of the LG LP1014WNR Portable Air Conditioner


LG is a huge consumer electronics brand with worldwide presence. As expected of such a big corporation, it didn’t take much time for them to venture into the portable air conditioning market. Well, after a little research on the internet, I wanted to give one of these units a chance. After a little back and forth, I received the LG LP1014WNR to review. An assessment of my review and reaction to the product’s performance will be detailed below.

Product Specifications

 As soon as I received the product, I loved the sleek design, but this isn’t all. Below, you will find some of the specifications that make the product so efficient.

  • 10,000 BTU cooling capacity
  • Uses a standard 115V outlet
  • Three modes: AC, Dehumidifier and Fan
  • Dehumidification upto 2.6 pints/hour
  • Capable of cooling up to a 300 square feet room
  • Dripless and Bucketless

The product offers a lot of cool features and is sufficient for a lot of small to moderately sized rooms. The best use case may be bedrooms, study rooms, or computer rooms; apart from use in office chambers and the likes.


Fairly Portable

Although it is essential to note that the product is a little on the heavy side, it is equipped with some good features that make it a little more portable. The excellent caster wheels made it very easy to roll the unit around my home. It is actually compact at approximately 12 x 17 x 31 inches. Side handles are also included to make it effortless to push and pull the unit, until it is in its destined location.

No Drip and No Bucket

I’ve got to admit that the unit’s no-drip technology is very cool! With this unit, I never had to worry about emptying a bucket of water outside of my home every ten minutes. Instead, the unit actually recycles the water and uses it! This technology is truly beneficial and other manufacturers should take note!

Convenient Controls and Timer

This portable air conditioner is equipped with a 24-hour countdown timer for your convenience. I set it to shut off an hour after I went to sleep and it did so. With this convenient little option, you will undoubtedly be able to save money on your electric bill! All of the controls are available on the top of the unit, but the remote control is even better. Although this is certainly becoming a standard, this specific remote control is designed with distinguishable buttons for effortless control.

Potential Cons

Unfortunately, I didn’t use the air conditioner long enough to experience leaks, but many users have told me that this is not an uncommon problem. If this were to occur, you could land in unwanted troubles. Therefore, it is vital to keep a regular check on its operation when using this portable air conditioner.

Overall Assessment

The LG LP1014WNR is more than suitable for most consumers, as long as they know what they are using it for and use it with optimum care. If leaks begin to occur, it is vital to contact the manufacturer immediately. However, I must say that I never experienced any problem during my time with the air conditioner.