A Breakdown of the LG Electronics LP1214GXR


There is no doubt that LG makes some of the most innovative products in the world. When they decided to take a gamble in the portable air conditioner market, I felt a need to give one of the air conditioners a chance. Once I captured a glimpse of the LG Electronics LP1214 115-volt Portable Air Conditioner, I just had to have it. I made my purchase and waited patiently for it to arrive. Have I been impressed with the machine’s operation thus far? You’ll find out, when you read the information below.

Product Specifications

For me to provide you with the most informative breakdown possible, it is imperative that you get to know the product’s specifications. With this information, you’ll have an idea whether or not this air conditioner is right for your specific needs. Below, you will find a quick overview of this unit’s specifications.

  • 12,000 BTU air conditioner, with 115-volts of power
  • Capable of offering dehumidification at 1.2 pints per hour
  • Designed to cool up to 450 square foot
  • A convenient LED panel, which offers three fan speeds and cooling speeds
  • The unit discharges air from the front and is equipped with sing louvers
  • Equipped with a washable mesh filter for longevity
  • Can be easily transported thanks to roll caster wheels

Of course, the product’s design is very sleek, cool and capable of fitting in any home, regardless of interior design or color scheme.


Easy Installation and Operation

In order to make the installation as easy as possible, the manufacturer has included a window installation kit. The kit makes it nearly effortless to properly run the exhaust, which is integral to the unit’s operation. This unit is designed with portability in mind. With the included wheels and convenient exhaust setup, the unit can be moved from one room to another, without trouble. As far as operation goes, I have yet to face a problem. All of the buttons are distinguished on the LCD panel, but it is the remote control that makes everything even easier. With this included accessory, it is possible to control the unit, without getting out of bed.

Powerful and Efficient

It is noticeable that the product is a little cheaper than others. The somewhat lower BTUs are likely the determining factor, but this has never been a problem for me. On a hot day, this air conditioner is capable of keeping my room, which is approximately 500 square foot, fairly cool. Suffice to say, it’ll prevent you from sweating. On a cooler day, this unit will put a chill on you. The air vent technology is capable of oscillating and circulating the air, which improves the overall efficiency of the machine. This ensures that the cool air is perfectly dispersed throughout the room.

Some Potential Pitfalls

It is true that there are stronger units available. For those that need to cool a bigger room, it is best to choose a unit, which is a little more powerful. At the same time, the wheels might offer a little convenience, but the overall weight of the unit can be quite tedious. Transportation around my home is easy enough, but I would fear, if I had to transport it elsewhere.


The LG Electronics LP1214GXR is likeable in most regards. The design is cool and the unit should be powerful enough for most individuals. However, it is best to note the unit’s pitfalls and make sure that they won’t impact your decision. If they’re too detrimental for your needs, you’ll want to avoid this unit. Otherwise, it is worth the cost.