My Thorough Review of The Whynter ARC-14SH Portable AC

With summer in full swing, most people are looking to purchase an AC or upgrade their existing unit. Sometimes non-mobile split and window ACs just aren’t sufficient for all your cooling needs. With only window ACs keeping my house cool, I knew I needed something more.

After formulating a budget, I took my search to the Internet and researched for countless hours, before finally selecting the Whynter ARC-14SH 14,00 BTU Portable Air Conditioner and Heater. Now that I’ve owned this machine for approximately 6 months, I have been nothing but impressed. Below, you’ll learn about all the things that I like and don’t like about this air conditioner.

Notable Specifications

In order to get an understanding of this air conditioner, it is crucial to examine its specifications. The overall package isn’t too big, at 35.5x19x16 inches, nor too heavy, at just under a hundred pounds. The fan system is capable of operating at three individual speeds. For convenience, an auto drain system is incorporated, so I don’t have to dump out water, after use. This system delivers 14,000 BTUs and is capable of cooling a room of 500 square foot, according to the manufacturer.

Here are some of the key specifications of the unit:

  • Cools or heats up to a 500 sq. ft. space
  • Cooling capacity of 14,000 BTU and 13,000 BTU heating capacity
  • Casters, ensuring swift and hassle-free mobility
  • 3 discreet fan speeds
  • Full thermostat-powered control that ranges 61°F – 89°F
  • 24 hour programmable advanced timer
  • Easy adjustments with remote control
  • Restarts automatically after power cuts thanks to built-in ‘auto-restart’
  • Dehumidifies 101 pints a day.

A Lot of Pros


When it comes to the various ways the product can be used, the Whynter shines. During the summer, the device works perfectly, as an air conditioner. Or, I can easily switch on the heater and keep my room warm during the winter. This unit is capable of operating at 61 degrees to 89 degrees, during cooling mode and 61 degrees to 77 degrees, when the heating mode is enabled. With other options, such as a fan mode, dehumidifier and 24-hour programmable timer, this machine is flexible and works in various scenarios.

Clean and Eco-Friendly

In order to protect the environment and my sinuses, I needed an eco-friendly device, which was capable of delivering fresh, filtered air. Not only is this machine friendly with the environment, but it can also supply clean air. The washable pre-filter and highly efficient activated carbon filter remove the unwanted dust and other harmful components from the air and assure that this device never causes my nose to run, or throat to hurt. Many times, I use it all night long, without any complication at all.

Powerfully Efficient

Although there are even better portable air conditioners for cooling an entire home, the Whynter ARC-14SH does an excellent job of keeping my room cool. Not only is it a very powerful unit (cooling and heating capacity being 14,000 and 13,000 BTUs respectively), but the dual exhaust system also ensures efficient operation. By recirculating the air, this device is capable of keep me cool, while keeping my electric bill low. The device is sufficient for cooling or heating a room of up to 500 square foot, easily. For my uses, this air conditioner is more than sufficient!

 Easy to Use and Set up

One of the best aspects of this unit is the ease of installation and operation. All of the included cords and components fit together perfectly, which makes the installation simple and quick. Once the unit is set up and plugged in, operation is straightforward. The front buttons make it easy to switch modes or adjust the temperature settings. As long as you can do that, you can adjust the system to perfectly heat or cool your room!

A Few Cons

Despite all of the positive things I can say about this air conditioner, it is not flawless. The unit is a little on the loud side and might keep you up, at night. As a sound sleeper, it has never bothered me. You’ll need to go a few extra steps to ensure that the setup is completely secure and no air will enter or escape through your windows. A little silicone and a caulk gun will be needed. Finally, it is impossible to determine the exact temperature around the unit, since no room, or ambient sensor is included.


For the price and the overall size of my room, I enjoy the Whynter 14,000 BTU ARC-14SH. However, it is essential to know the flaws and whether they’re important enough for you to affect you or not, before laying down your hard earned cash. The operation of this portable AC is wonderful as my room stays adequately cold in the summer and decently warm in the winter, so I personally am a big fan of this air conditioner.