My Thorough Review of the Whynter ARC-10WB Portable AC

Whynter ARC-10WB

I’ve tried my fair share of portable air conditioning units before, but most of them are bulkier than I’d like them to be. The Whynter ARC-10WB 10,000 BTU Portable AC is a relatively light and compact model, so it’s pretty easy to move around and setup anywhere. After running a brief test, this unit was able to cool my room to my desired temperature within 20 minutes. The room I used for testing gets direct sunlight and becomes really hot during the summer, which just shows you how efficient this thing is. I was pleasantly surprised at its efficiency and couldn’t have asked for more from a portable air conditioner with a 10,000 BTU cooling capacity. I have owned some 14,000 BTU units before and let me tell you—this did a better job than at least half of them. Below are some of my findings after a few trial runs of this snow-breathing monster.

Product Specifications

There is no denying that the Whynter ARC-10WB unit is actually portable because it’s smaller than many other models on Whynter’s shelf. Here are the product specifications for you to compare it to other portable air conditioners.

  • 10,000 BTU cooling capacity
  • Comes with a single hose
  • Temperature can be adjusted between 62 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Can dehumidify 55 pints per day
  • 4-speed fan
  • 24-hour timer
  • Consumes 1170W and 10.1A of energy at maximum cooling output


There were a few features that impressed me but the scheduled shut-off and switch-on feature was the real deal, as I always prefer scheduling the cooling/heating 24 hours in advance for maximum energy-efficiency. This portable air conditioner has all the regular add-ons including dehumidifying mode and an advanced anti-bacterial ion filter. It’s also got an auto-restart feature that automatically resumes its last known settings in case of power failure, which is a plus. Another cool feature is its advanced self-evaporating technology that removes excess moisture buildup inside itself, which means you won’t have to manually drain it yourself.


I was using the Whynter ARC-10WB air conditioner within 10 minutes of receiving it—that’s how easy it is to install and setup. There’s no need to buy additional parts or ask a friend for assistance. As I mentioned before, its lightweight build makes it is easy to move around and everything that you need to start enjoying cool air comes with the unit. You will find the following items inside the packaging below.

  • Exhaust hose
  • Window venting kit
  • Silver ion filter
  • Drain hose
  • Remote control


I recommend the Whynter ARC-10WP unit to anyone who wants to buy a portable air conditioner that’s easy to use and delivers a lot of cool air. This portable AC is eco-friendly, efficient and easy to transport to any room you want. Although it may be slightly more expensive than comparable portable units out there, it worked beyond my expectations and delivered better performance compared to some 14,000 BTU units in the market today.