My Review of the Whynter ARC-12S Portable Air Conditioner

Whynter ARC-12S

Anyone, who has ever purchased an air conditioner or thermostat, has likely heard the name Whynter. This definitely isn’t a coincidence. The company is responsible for some excellent home climate control products. After testing out one of their previous and smaller portable air conditioners, I decided to purchase one of their bigger models. I went for the Whynter ARC-12S to see how well it worked. Below, you will find my truthful assessment.

Product Specifications

Before we break down my experience with the AC, it is vital to list the product specifications. Below, you will discover this air conditioner’s manufacturer listed specifications for your convenience.

  • 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
  • Capable of cooling up to 400 sq. ft.
  • Bucketless Dehumidification
  • Dehumidifier works at 91 pints per hour
  • Includes a 24-hour timer and a nice protective cover

The exterior of the air conditioner is certainly attractive and the protective cover will keep it safe, when not in use. Now, you’ll find out my initial reaction to the product.


Bigger and More Powerful

The previous Whynter I experimented with was significantly bigger and much more powerful. As a 12,000 BTU air conditioner, this one definitely blew that one of out the water. I used it to cool the same room and it worked effectively for my needs. According to the manufacturer, the AC will cool a room of up to 400 square foot and my experience with this AC only confirms that..

Convenient Controls

Whether you’re willing to get out of your seat, or want to control it from where you sit, this AC offers convenient controls. The default control mechanisms are certainly nice and makes it easy to adjust the various AC settings to your desired preferences. Of course, the included remote control offers even more convenience, if you want to remain lazy like me! The automatic shut-off timer is also very beneficial and would definitely help to prevent the unit from using unnecessary electricity.

Plenty of Hose

Many of these portable air conditioners barely offer any hose, which makes installation very difficult. This isn’t the case with the Whynter ARC-12S, which comes with an extended exhaust hose. This hose can be adjusted from 3 feet to approximately 6 feet, which is definitely nice!

Some Cons

Although this is definitely a much better Whynter than the older models, it is essential to note that the unit is a little on the louder side. Although this might be a con for some, it is definitely worth it to get more cool air! The single hose, which is included in the package, is a little wide. This can make installation a little difficult.

My Assessment

This Whynter Portable Air Conditioner might be a little bigger and louder, but I enjoyed my time with it! It delivered a lot of cool air and kept my small room significantly cold. It might not be perfect, but then again, what is?