Whynter ARC-12SD Portable Air Conditioner Review

Finding the best portable air conditioner can be pretty challenging, especially during this peak season when everyone is adamant on winning the battle against heat. You go to the market and the dealer shows puts a couple of items on display, explain the features of none in detail. This is when you resort to the magical world of internet. Be it a detailed info on a diaper, a knife, or a portable AC, you name it, triple W has it. Well, I am no certified air conditioner expert, nor do I have a degree in mechanical engineering. It’s just my insatiable hunger for discovering new technologies that keeps me intrigued by gadgets and gizmos all the time.

In this post, I am going to throw light upon one of the highest sold products by Whynter, the ARC-12SD. Here you’ll find everything that is good, bad and in between about his much hyped mobile AC. Is it worth the hype or just another brick in the wall? Let’s get into the details to kick start the assessment:

Product Overview

This model belongs to Whynter’s latest Eco-friendly GREEN series portable air conditioners. The firm has taken the noble initiative of making our world go green by creating CFC free, lead free models capable of great fuel-efficiency. Technically speaking, it is the combined effort of eco-friendly CFC free, ozone-safe R-410A refrigerant and lead free RoHS compliant components that does its designated job without adding any pollutant to the air. The advance auto-drain technology utilized in the appliance recycles and uses the accumulated moisture during the cooling process to re-cool the air, enabling the unit to deliver continuously for hours.

The 12k BTU cooling output delivers optimum performance in any enclosed space sizing up to 400 sq.in. Factors like ambient temperature and level of humidity may affect the output. If you wish to keep the level of moisture in the air at a desired level, simply switch the AC to the dehumidification mode. This particular unit can dehumidify at a capacity of 96 pts per day. Apart from this, there are two more modes to choose from: cooling and fan. The fan mode circulates hilled air to in multiple directions in four individual speeds. Add to that, there’s a thermostat control option allowing you to set a temperature between 61-89 degree F.

The unit incorporates a standard 24 hours timer for auto on and shut down of the preset time after a power outage. Enjoy a calm and serene atmosphere, all thanks to the noise level below 56 decibel that accounts for a quiet cooling operation. The peak power consumption of the unit is 1100 W which makes it suitable for domestic use. The washable pre-filter and odor-neutralizing, activated carbon filter expels all the pollutants and odor from the air, acting as an air purifier cum air conditioner. In order to rinse the pre-filter, detach it carefully, then brush off the collected dust.

Another major highlight of the product is the dual host exhaust. By using this state-of-the-art technology, ARC 12SD draws warm air from both outside and inside the room and transforms it into chilled and fresh air. The warm air is pumped out from the room through the exhaust hose. The biggest benefit of this method is an improved air flow (320 m3/h / 188 CFM) with faster cooling. All the components devised in this model are UL-listed, guaranteeing maximum safety. The net weight of the AC doesn’t exceed beyond 71 lbs. Caster wheels located at the bottom of the equipment makes it easy to roll from one room to another. The well designed control panel is one gem of an addition here. It puts on display all the features including mode selection option, temperature up/down, 24 hour timer setting, so on and so forth. You can access all the functions from a distance with the help of a remote control as well.

The product package comes loaded with an easy-to-set up venting kit. In this kit, you will find a window slide bar that smoothly fits in a standard window measuring up to 46 inches in width. There will be two extendable hoses for securely locking the hoses to the main unit and window slides. Since the components are non-permanent, the installation feels like a breeze. They have designed the components in such a fashion that they can be easily custom modified to fit into wall openings and even dropped ceilings.

In a Nutshell

The Whynter ARC-12SD is a high performance portable AC and much more. Besides the basic utilities like remote control access, auto-restart,  24 hour timer, it adeptly maneuvers a CFC free R-410A refrigerant and completely lead-free components that are RoHS compliant, bringing a revolution in the world of next generation air conditioners. The intelligent actuation of dual hose system in this lightweight, sleek model facilitates it perform at par with traditional window ACs.