Whynter ARC-142BX 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Review

Summer is not merely about pool parties and barbeque, scorching heat is an inevitable part of this season too. Thanks to the mercy of technology, we have a messiah in the form of air conditioners to keep us comfortably alive under tremendous heat and humidity. If you’re planning to buy a lightweight AC to cater to your cooling needs at your office, server-room, workshop, classroom or bedroom, you may consider a portable air conditioner. No, you can’t tuck in your rucksack like a box of potato chips but they can fit easily at the back of your car. Don’t be into the myth that the limited size of these machines prevents them from being cool enough. In this round-up, I am going to introduce to you a compact AC capable of generating up to 14k power output.

Whynter ARC-142 is one of the highest capacity portable air conditioners I’ve run into while conducting a market survey. I don’t believe in assumptions, nor do I prefer jabbering about a product without trying it myself. A very close friend of mine has it installed in his office and a two hour long stay in his cabin was enough to get me hooked to this modern marvel. Tastefully designed with a bold black exterior and a sleek profile, Whynter has gone a step ahead of its contemporaries by including CFC-free GREEN R-410A refrigerant and lead-free RoHS compliant components, inspiring others to be more responsible towards our environment.

Product Specs

ARC-142 BX is way ahead of its time in every aspect. Its self-evaporating feature is a revolutionary self-evaporating technology enables the unit to reduce condensate build-up by recycling the moisture accumulated by it during the cooling process. You are free from the hassle of unplugging and emptying the bucket from time to time.

Apart from being impeccably energy efficient, this amazing mobile AC offers four operational modes – auto, air conditioner, fan and dehumidifier. The machine is fully remote controlled. Impressive enough! What’s more impressive is the dehumidification function. It lets you regulate the amount of moisture in the air, keeping it within a desired level. The superior dehumidification capacity of 71 pints per day guarantees that the air remains cool and comfortable under high humid weather conditions.

The portable and compact AC with 14000 BTU power output is pitch-perfect for bedrooms, garages or any other area as large as 500 sq.ft. For the best results, I would suggest you to install it in a room smaller than the recommended size. Get the installation process done only by an expert technician. If set-up properly, the air turns chilly in less than half an hour.

Do intermittent power outages bug your place more than often? Whynter ARC not only powerful but also smart enough to rise to the toughest occasions. It is programmed with an auto-start button that automatically restores the previous setting after the power outage. The in-built 24-hour timer switches on or off the preset times in advance. Therefore, no matter where you are, the unit will self-program itself to an ideal room temperature.

ARC fulfills every criteria of a traditional split or window AC in spite of the dimensional limitation. The unit almost maintenance-free, thanks to the easily washable pre-filter. In order to serve you with cool and absolutely purified air, it also devises an activated carbon filter. While the pre-filter collects the airborne dust particles, pet hair and other impurities, the activated carbon filter ensures clean and fresh air by neutralizing smoke and odor.

The user can control the temperature using the digital dashboard which allows 4 fan speed choices with directional louvers -high, medium, low and auto. You can select a cooling option according to the size and ambience of the room. If you choose the Automatic mode, the unit itself will figure out an ideal temperature setting based on the ambient temperature and level of humidity. Turn on the sleep mode for quiet and energy-saving cooling when you’re taking a nap. Now that’s what smart ACs are all about! Moreover, the cooling operation is commenced in a complete noise-free manner, unlike those bulky window ACs that creates more disturbance and cool air.

Among the additional features, the most notable ones include an LCDI (Leakage-Current Detection and Interruption) plug, which warns the user of an impending current leakage from the conductors. Another is the adjustable thermostat control can be set anywhere from 62-88 degree. The length of the expandable hose is good enough for a large room.

Thumbs Up

The best part about a portable AC is, guess what? Yep, the portability. Whynter is equipped with rolling casters to make transporting the device a breeze. The stupendous cooling output can instantly cool down the air even on the hottest days within a 500 sq.ft (preferably smaller) areas. The unit is UL-listed which certifies it to be completely safe for use. The manufacturer provides you with an adjustable window kit which makes assembling the parts a child’s play. With programmable cooling settings, 4 fan speed options and thermostat control, all encapsulated in a self-evaporative design, ARC-142 BX delivers a complete bang for the bucks.

Thumbs Down

Some customers have reported that the hoses and attachments have not performed as expected. Though there are various solutions available online for fixing these minor defects.


Loaded with programmable settings, power air filters, this portable AC is takes cooling technology to a whole new level. It’s energy-saving unit and eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant should be held in high reverence for the brand’s initiative towards making our Earth a better place to live.